Svetlana Tikhanovskaya held a meeting of initiatives and organizations

The meeting was attended by dozens of representatives of various foundations, initiatives and structures that help Belarusians fight against repression.

The media teams that oppose the propaganda and fakes of the regime open the truth for the Belarusians and make the voices of the Belarusians themselves even more noticeable.

– Сountry For Life.
– Lightning.
– ByProsvet.
– Мy country Belarus.
– Fair newspaper.
– СтопPropaganda.
– Аugust 2020.
– Voices from Belarus. 

Foundations and projects that support everyone have suffered and continue to suffer from repression. 

– Сountry to Live in.
– Medical Solidarity Foundation.
– Belarusian Cultural Council.
– Free postcards. 

Thanks to which the Belarusians inside the country continue to exert intense pressure on the regime to achieve our common goal, projects and organizations.

– Voice.
 Digital solidarity.
– Christian view.
– Fair people.
– Victory plan & ByPol.
– Labour movement.
– Chatbot Majority movement.
Volunteers of Tsikhanovskaya Office.

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya: "I want to say thank you to all our media groups that bring the agenda to Belarus and work against propaganda. Thanks to all the initiatives that work with political prisoners and their families. Thanks to all the initiatives that help us work in Belarus. Politicians follow you, and everything you do is paramount. "
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