Speech by Svetlana Tikhanovskaya in the European Parliament

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya appealed to the deputies of the European Parliament with an appeal for help for Belarus and Belarusians.

"People in prisons were poisoned with bleach. Meanwhile, the interest of the European media in Belarus was rapidly falling ...

Have we forgotten the tragic lessons of European history? That attempts to pander to the tyrant do not calm him down but only spur him on. If the confrontation with the criminal is avoided, then the conflict, which is still inevitable, becomes even more costly and dangerous ...

Since August 2020, there have been enough symbolic steps and statements of solidarity. They expressed gratitude to the Belarusians for the revival of faith in democracy and human dignity. But isn't it time for Europe to demonstrate its commitment to these values ​​in real action? Will a united Europe dare to take decisive action now? Or is it worth the wait another year? Ladies and gentlemen, we do not have another year. Neither Belarus nor Europe ...

Do you think all Belarusians understand us when they are told about long bureaucratic processes in the EU and the nuances of world politics and diplomacy? Are statements of deep concern given hope and confidence to Belarusians? What can the European Union say to the Belarusians - the nation forgotten by all Europe that wants the same thing other European countries have? We may not have the right to ask for your help or support. Perhaps you will refuse us because it may be contrary to your national interests. Or maybe it will negatively affect your interests.

And yet, I am here to ask for your support. We are fighting not only for ours but also for your freedom. After all, democratic countries will be able to withstand only by acting decisively and together".

See the full interview HERE.
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