Statement by Svetlana Tikhanovskaya on the inadmissibility of the invasion of Belarusian troops into Ukraine

Today Belarus is an aggressor country that takes part in the war with Ukraine. Invading troops are coming from the territory of our state, and missiles are flying at peaceful cities. But on the other hand, Belarus provides infrastructure for repairing equipment and treating the wounded.

The last red line remains - the participation of Belarusian troops directly in hostilities. Recently, we got information that Lukashenka is preparing to cross it. The people's elected leader of Belarus, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, appealed to the Belarusian military and urged them not to commit a criminal step.

Svyatlana Tikhanovskaya: “We are receiving information about a possible invasion of Belarusian troops into Ukraine, and therefore I am appealing to Belarusian servicemen.

I declare:

1. Alexander Lukashenko has already committed high treason by providing the territory of Belarus for Russian aggression against Ukraine. This aggression is contrary to the national interests of Belarus and is a crime, as well as directly contrary to the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus. He and all officials who promote aggression will inevitably face trial. Hague Court will punish them for high treason and war crimes in the event of an invasion of Ukraine.

2. The invasion of the Belarusian army into Ukraine is a step with irreversible consequences. It will become a shameful stain on relations with the Ukrainian people and further isolate the Belarusians from the outside world – right up to the Iron Curtain. Belarus will not be an independent state, and life in the country will come to poverty.

3. All those who give the order for the invasion of Belarus troops into Ukraine, regardless of position and military rank, will be brought before the tribunal.

4. All who carry out this criminal order will be held accountable before the law.

5. Military personnel and officials who refuse to comply with criminal orders are released from liability for failure to comply with such orders. The Law guarantees the right not to carry out knowingly illegal orders. You can fix your disagreement with the order by direct action - by laying down your arms.

6. Military personnel, officials, and citizens of Belarus, who prevented the execution of criminal orders by any available means, are exempted from liability.

7. Servicemen who left the battlefield or surrendered in Ukraine are released from liability.

The order to send troops to Ukraine is not only an order to send our country’s servicemen to certain death but also an order to all of us, Belarusians, to give up our independence and our future.”

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