What to do if a summon arrived

In conditions of legal default, more and more people are being summoned to various structures: the FDI, the prosecutor's office, and the investigative committee.

The ruin of the regions of Belarus

A hole in the budget, an increase in the number of unprofitable enterprises, a slowdown in business development in the regions. This is only a small part of what Lukashenko achieved in the first months of this year. Alisa Ryzhychenko, the economist of "A Country to Live in" Foundation, tells in more detail.

XXI century slavery

Today we analyze the pros and cons of such a system are. Let's talk about decree # 5 and how it legalized the flow of dismissals of unique specialists, not for poorly performed work, but their civic position.

How to get your property back

Today we are talking about the seizure of property. In the current realities, everyone can face property seizure, and one needs to know how to behave in this situation.

If you are detained

Today we will talk about the forms of detention and give some recommendations on how to introduce yourself during and after detention to minimize the consequences.

From Magdeburg Law to Dictatorship and Back

Tatiana Sivachenko, an activist of the “Country for Life” foundation, within the framework of the “Self-government” project, tells how to return control from the occupiers' hands to the hands of ordinary Belarusians and how local self-government can and should work.

How to behave during a search

Today we are talking about a search. Note that anyone can come with a search if the authorities believe that there are means of a crime or things related to a crime in the house.