What should be contained in the appeal

As part of the "Self-Government" project, we continue to talk about petitions. In the previous article, we defined what it is. Now we will explain what exactly your appeal should contain.

To create a full text, use this algorithm and consistently reveal the essence of your petition, answering the following points:


  • What is the nature of the problem that you think needs to be addressed
  • What do you propose (ask/demand from a government agency) to do to solve it
  • What will be the result from the implementation of your proposals (requirements)
  • What facts and other supporting information do you have that confirm the urgency of the problem
  • At the end of the petition, indicate the addressee who will receive a response to the appeal. If you do not specify a recipient, a reply will be sent to the first signer
  • When signing a request, you must indicate your full name, address, phone number/email and sign

Remember, by Article 14 of the Law "On Appeals of Citizens and Legal Entities" in the absence of any recommendations, requirements, petitions, reports of violation of legislative acts, shortcomings in the work of organizations, or if they only contain gratitude, such appeals are accepted the note and will not be answered.

Therefore, offer solutions, ask, demand. Even if you receive a formal answer, "unsubscribe," you will have the data of a specific person who was dealing with your problem. This means that in the future, with the restoration of the principles of law, justice, and legality in Belarus, this story can be continued.

We will discuss which government agencies to submit petitions to in the next publication.

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