Decision on the Use of Remaining Funds After the Solidarity Marathon

The Supervisory Board of the solidarity marathon "We Care" has granted permission to "A Country to Live in" foundation to use the remaining funds in our organization's account after disbursements to political prisoners and their families.

We previously reported that "A Country to Live in" foundation received a total of 60,000 euros following the "We Care" solidarity marathon. These funds were transferred in two tranches. The money from the first tranche, amounting to 18,000 euros, was entirely used for payments to the families of political prisoners and the collection of packages for political prisoners.

The second tranche of 42,000 euros was directed towards assisting the families of political prisoners (27,000 euros) and compensating for the medical expenses of political prisoners (15,000 euros). The latter amount was not fully exhausted, leaving 10,175 euros in the account. Now, these funds can be used not only for compensating medical expenses but also for other types of assistance to political prisoners.
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