Financial report and results of our work for March 2022

For more than a month, there has been a war unleashed by Russia against the courageous people of Ukraine. A war in which lukashenka's regime acted as an accomplice of the aggressor. All this time, the "A Country to Live in" foundation team is trying to find a balance between helping Ukrainian refugees and Belarusian political prisoners and those Belarusians who fled the war from Ukraine.

Read about what we have already done and what we plan to do shortly. Thank you for your continued support! You can download the full report for March here.
  • Since the beginning of the war, we have processed more than 1,500 applications and held consultations on leaving Ukraine and Belarus
  • Together with the Italian partner organization Progetto Sud, we organized the delivery of 2 tons of humanitarian aid for Ukraine
  • We collected and delivered the necessary things and food to the Polish city of Przemysl, bordering Ukraine
  • Volunteers of the Foundation made more than 10 trips to the border, where they met and transported people
  • Employees and volunteers of the Foundation worked as translators and coordinators for helping refugees from Ukraine at the Warsaw railway station
  • The Foundation staff received refugees from Ukraine in their rented apartments, coordinated the search for housing, helped with the placement of at least 30 refugees
  • The head of the Foundation met with the Commissioner of the German Government for Human Rights Policy and Humanitarian Aid Louise Amtsberg
  • The Foundation team took part in the meeting of the popularly elected leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya with Belarusian initiatives in Warsaw, which helped both Belarusians and Ukrainians
  • In the office of "A Country to Live in" foundation, we held a meeting with Svetlana Tikhanovskaya and initiatives that work on the topic of Belarusian political prisoners
  • We announced and carried out large-scale work to create a shelter for refugees from Ukraine in Warsaw
  • Took part in the celebration of Freedom Day in Bialystok
  • Opened a cultural exchange program for children of activists, political prisoners, strikers
  • We`ve paid financial assistance to 41 families of political prisoners
  • We`ve made 7 payments under the "Family Friend" solidarity program
  • The course "Polaris" is functioning successfully. It included 29 lectures on 15 topics with the participation of 9 lecturers

The war in Ukraine and the atrocities of the Russian military in Bucha, Mariupol, and other cities pushed the Belarusian agenda far to the periphery. However, more than a thousand people are still in the terrible conditions of Belarusian prisons, where sadists in uniform invented new terms of imprisonment for them. The pressure on civil society is still unabated. We must remember that the people of Belarus are being held hostage by two dictators at once. For our part, we will continue to do everything possible to help Belarusian political prisoners.
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