Financial report on the work of the Fund in September 2021

"A Country to Live in" Foundation team expresses gratitude for the financial and informational support to all who are not indifferent!

Download the full September report.

Our Foundation continues its activities to help political prisoners, develop civil society and build a real country to live in Belarus. The rights and freedoms of all citizens are respected.

We have come a long way, overcome many obstacles, lost our friends in prisons. However, we continue to move forward, and we will reach our joint Victory and the establishment of law and justice on Belarusian soil.

"A Country to Live in" Foundation continues to develop initiatives to help Belarusians who suffer from the actions of the criminal regime. You can still support the families of political prisoners and collect the political prisoner for prison transfer.

Thanks to you, a new initiative, "Flowers for a mom whose son is behind bars," was developed in September. As a result, we plan to congratulate 200 mothers of political prisoners on Mother's Day. Many of them have already received congratulations and gifts through our volunteers. And we have become witnesses of the sincere and genuine emotions of the mothers of the heroes of Belarus - believe, this is not forgotten.

We also started talking about the representatives of the "A Country to Live in" team who were behind bars for their beliefs. Read the "One of Us" section on the site.

We continue to work on translating the Foundation's website into Belarusian. Now all new materials can be read in three versions. In addition, the site interface is now available in Belarusian. Directly, with the help of volunteers, we translate archival materials.

All the activities of our Fund would have been impossible without the financial and disinterested assistance of Belarusians both abroad and within the country. Thanks a lot!

We cannot fail to note that for the first time in many years, the Belarusians of the whole world have a common goal - the dictator's departure and the creation of a true legal state in Belarus. "A Country to Live in" Foundation is at the forefront of this fight against totalitarianism, and helping political prisoners is one of the critical factors in achieving success.

Please tell your friends and acquaintances about our Foundation and the help we provide to people in Belarus together.
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