As of October 7, there are 801 political prisoners in Belarus

А month ago, we wrote that there were 659 of them, heroes recognized as political prisoners. That is, in just one month the figure increased by more than 100 people.

But it is thousands. Thousands of people, destinies, families are languishing in dungeons right now. For example, in the pre-trial detention center on Volodarskiy Street, the very one in the very center of Minsk. There are imprisoned Masha Kolesnikova, Marfa Rabkova, Ales Bialiatski, our volunteers, and hundreds of other brave Belarusians. Freedom is visible from some cells. Quite a bit, just the edge of a red church.

And people are also visible. Our people, Belarusians, rushing to work every morning, returning from it in the evening, and on Friday or Saturday resting somewhere in the center or even in a public garden near the walls of Volodarsky.

How does it feel?! To be held hostage by the regime, endure bullying, torture, death of loved ones, and see people, Belarusians from the barred window, living their ordinary day ...

We urge to remember each person, write letters of solidarity, some - to remember posthumously. We also encourage you to support political prisoners and help in collecting warm clothes and essentials!

Don't let this page turn over and turn a blind eye to those who need our help. They are suffering for each of us right now.
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