What do the children of political prisoners dream about?

Friends, we are analyzing the letters of little Belarusians to Santa Claus and publishing some quotes. But, of course, it is impossible to do this without tears ... Thanks to everyone who supports our heroes!

Kirill, 9 years old.
"Santa Claus, I want myself 4 different stickers, and I also really want LEGO, where there is a car, 3 people, 3 weapons, and the hood of the car opens. Give Timosha a car too. Mom's hair spray, nail polish, and 2 hygienic lipsticks. And give dad a ticket home. I want him to come as soon as possible. Also, give him our photo, please."

Danik, 6 years old.
"Hello, Grandpa. I want a soccer jersey to play soccer with my dad. But I also need a magic wand so that I can free Dad. Can you give it to me?"

Alice, 3 months old.
"Hello, dear Santa Claus! The girl Alice is writing to you. This year I was a good girl born to my dad and mom. Please give me a soft puzzle mat with animals or letters and numbers. I will continue to be a good girl - in the future. I will try to build a country to live in our country and free my dad! Long live Belarus!"

Sofia, 5 years old.
"Hello, Santa! My name is Sophia! I'll be 5 years old soon! I want to ask you to give me a pink bracelet so that it shines! Thank you."

Nikita, 4 years old.
"Grandpa, I want red sneakers, mittens, and a box of ice cream."

So, friends, if you want to buy a gift for one of these guys - do it right now here. Support little Belarusians in difficult times and keep faith in the miracle and kindness of people.

P.S. Children's names have been changed for safety reasons.
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