The head of " A Country to Live in" foundation called on to wish the children of political prisoners a Happy New Year

Head of "A Country to Live in" foundation Maria Moroz on the air of Malanka Media spoke about the Foundation's project dedicated to Christmas and New Year.

"The action "Become Santa Claus for the child of a political prisoner" continues. Many children were left without parents who are in detention. And of course, children want warmth and care and gifts from Santa Claus. At the same time, these families are in very difficult financial circumstances. Therefore, I would like to give a little good to the kids.

We launched this action, made a questionnaire, sent letters to families so that mom or dad, grandmother or grandfather would turn to the children and invite them to draw what exactly they want as a gift for the New Year. Then they photographed these letters and attached them to our profile. We have received many letters. Now we are processing them. We will give the gifts that the children asked for. There are some touching letters.

Kirill, 9 years old.
"Santa Claus, I want myself 4 different stickers, and I also really want LEGO, where there is a car, 3 people, 3 weapons, and the hood of the car opens. Give Timosha a car too. Mom's hair spray, nail polish, and 2 hygienic lipsticks. And give dad a ticket home. I want him to come as soon as possible. Also, give him our photo, please."

Danik, 6 years old.
"Hello, Grandpa. I want a soccer jersey to play soccer with my dad. But I also need a magic wand so that I can free Dad. Can you give it to me?"

We receive such letters with pictures. Without tears, it is impossible to read and disassemble all this. So I invite you to become Santa Claus and give a present to the child of a political prisoner. And thanks to everyone who supports our heroes."
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