Svetlana Tikhanovskaya's office launched a solidarity platform

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya's office launched a common solidarity platform

Suppose you want to help Belarusians fight against the regime but do not know how to join the solidarity platform. Here are collected initiatives verified by the Office that help the protest movement. Anyone can join these initiatives and help whenever possible. Thus, the platform will continue to grow.

At there is also "A Country to Live in" foundation. Our organization sets one of its main goals to help political prisoners and members of their families. These people found themselves at the forefront of the struggle against the dictatorship, ended up in prisons, were and continue to be tortured, unjustly convicted. And their loved ones were often left alone with the soulless state machine. They need our help.

Today, the Foundation's website has programs to support political prisoners and their family members:
  • One-time help for volunteers and activists 
  • Monthly (€ 300) assistance to families of political prisoners with children
In addition, you can help to:
  • Collect the children of political prisoners to school
  • Pay for parcels to political prisoners
Despite a series of arrests of our Foundation's volunteers, we still have an extensive system of volunteers inside the country who make it possible to deliver goods and parcels to political prisoners and members and families.

It is easy and simple to support Belarusian prisoners. You can do this with just a few clicks on our website.

We, in turn, guarantee that every ruble, dollar, or euro donated by you will be directed for its intended purpose - to help political prisoners and their families. Furthermore, our organization is accountable to individuals who donate funds to help Belarusians and European humanitarian organizations. Therefore, it does not take a penny for itself from the funds received from donations. Also, reports on our financial activities are available on the Fund's website.

Helping each other is important. But, remember that only together will we build a Country to Live in!
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A Country to Live in foundation
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