Sergey Vereshchagin. What's with him now

We tell you what is now with Sergey Vereshchagin, about whose fate we wrote earlier.

Since May 19, we have received messages that Sergey began to receive medical assistance:

"Hello, today we have sent a message from Glubokoye that Sergey Vereshchagin is in a terrible state at the hospital. Nobody is allowed to see him. They don't accept the programs. "

"Good day. He can walk, but according to the ophthalmologist, Glubokoye's doctors have never seen such injuries in all their work. One eye cannot see ultimately. TBI is confirmed. Over 100 hematomas throughout the body. Generally surprised that he is alive. The inspection was complete. But in Glubokoe, there is no ultrasound, and there is no MRI, so, probably, they are being transferred to Minsk. Although it may be because everyone here knows each other, there was a lot of noise in the city. "

"Hello. I'm from Hlybokaje. According to Siarhey Verashchahin: according to our sources, one of the doctors of the Hlybokaje Central Rehabilitation Center is helping him."

Thanks to everyone who wrote, called, signed petitions. Who believed in us.

Thanks also to those who did not believe. I didn't think that something could be changed, because all people die and nothing can be done. You motivated us to prove otherwise, and we proved it!

We thank you all! And please do not forget that other people need our help. These are cancer patients Alexey Romanov and Vladimir Malakhovsky.

If you have any other information about the health of Sergei Vereshchagin or other people who need help, please write to us.

Remember that only together we can build a Country to Live in.

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