200 days in prison

For the past 200 days, the volunteers of "A Country to Live in" foundation Tatyana Ostrovskaya, Anton Stashevsky, and Yulia Syrykh have been in captivity.

200 days they do not see their loved ones. For 200 days, they live in the conditions of a Belarusian prison with all its “features” – poor food, constant artificial lighting, rare walks, and showers. People are rapidly losing their health within the walls of Belarusian prisons.

So far, the volunteers of the Foundation, who collected and sent parcels for political prisoners, have not been explicitly charged.

The fault of Tatyana, Anton, and Yulia lies in indifference, the desire to help those who are especially hard today. But unfortunately, today's Belarus put people in jail for less. According to the “logic” of the dictator, for subscribing to the “wrong” telegram channel, you are sent for a day, and for creating programs for political prisoners, you are in prison.

Belarus today is a nightmare of Franz Kafka, a state formation that has absorbed the most terrible features of the main totalitarian regimes of the 20th century. The absence of massacres is the only thing that distinguishes lukashenka's country from Germany and the USSR in the 30s of the last century. However, the level of suppression of the human principle, both in jailers and prisoners, in our native country has reached an unprecedented level for modern Europe.

Friends, we do not have ready-made recipes for a way out of the terrible situation where all Belarusians find themselves. We can only call for support for political prisoners, including the volunteers of "A Country to Live in" foundation: write them letters, send telegrams, make money transfers so that they can buy something in prison stores, to help to get ready for a prison transfer or support a family with kids.

We call on you for help and solidarity, which is not scary for you. So don't be indifferent and help all political prisoners escape captivity.

Tatyana Sergeevna Ostrovskaya, Anton Alexandrovich Stashevsky, Yulia Eduardovna Syrykh: SIZO-1, 220030, Minsk, st. Volodarsky, 2.
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