"Until All Are Free" Campaign in Support of Political Prisoners

Within the framework of this project, notable Belarusians support political prisoners not only informatively but also directly. Celebrities advocate for the interests of their wards on various media platforms, highlighting the specific issues faced by individuals and their families.

"Until All Are Free" Campaign in Support of Political Prisoners

Thanks to the "Until All Are Free" campaign, launched in collaboration with the Dissidentby.com initiative, the voice of each political prisoner must be heard. We aim for everyone to learn about the problems not as vague thousands but as the burden of specific individuals and their families. Therefore, as part of the project, well-known Belarusians personally take political prisoners under their care.
  • This care is informational. Guardians will voice the problems of political prisoners and their families in the media.
  • It is also direct assistance, such as sending letters to dissidents.

Why should the voice of political prisoners be louder?
  • Due to the war in Ukraine and other international conflicts, people have partially forgotten about political prisoners in our country.
  • Inside Belarus, people are afraid to support protests and even political prisoners because they are frightened.
  • Therefore, the voices of guardians abroad must be louder. Famous people are wanted to be heard and listened to.

Who can become a guardian?
  • Political actors
  • Opposition leaders
  • Representatives of the international community
  • Belarusians from the diaspora
  • Well-known Belarusians inside and outside the country

How to become a guardian?

For all questions regarding participation in the campaign, please contact our Telegram bot @StranafundPZ.

Effective support for a person in detention cannot be a one-time effort. Only the regular involvement of political actors, opposition leaders, the international community, and the diaspora, as well as residents of the country, will help maintain the physical and psychological health of dissidents and their loved ones.

Stories of Support: