Conference of the Belarusians of the world
Conference of the Belarusians of the world
A conference was held in Vilnius with the participation of representatives of the Belarusian diasporas.
We present to your attention the detailed financial report on the Foundation work in November 2020.
Today, on December 8, Maria Moroz, head of the "A Country To Live In" Foundation, and its executive director, Alexey Yerokhovets, visited a shelter in Bialystok (Poland) that had recently opened its doors. 
Belarusians from all over the world have united to help the repressed, including students and teachers who have suffered from the criminal regime
Together, only together can we win and achieve the rule of law! It hurts. The Country for Life Foundation grieves
Svetlana Tikhanovskaya extends her invitation to participate in the World Belarus Congress 2020 to all our compatriots those who are
<span style="color:rgb(108,119,137);font-size:14px;">As part of the Fund’s work, together with the INeedHelpBy initiative, we accept care packages for all those who were</span>
<span style="color:rgb(108,119,137);font-size:14px;">“The people’s ultimatum is the will of the citizens of Belarus. On October 25, the Belarusians will protest against violence,</span>
A Country to Live in foundation
Helps political prisoners and their families