Year since the death of Stanislav Chur
Year since the death of Stanislav Chur
On September 19, 2020, a worker at the Kozlov Minsk Electrotechnical Plant committed suicide in one of the shops.
Help the political prisoner to get ready for the stage
Help the political prisoner to get ready for the stage
As of September 17, there are 666 political prisoners in Belarus.
Claims in the "Pinsk case"
Claims in the "Pinsk case"
We are informed that final claims have been brought up in the Pinsk case and seized the property.
Our foundation is launching a project of legal assistance to volunteers and activists, so that each of them knows and understands that there is a team of professionals behind him.
"A Country to Live in" Foundation is recognized as an official partner of the iHelpBelarus initiative, created by the Belarusian diaspora with the aim of verifying the activities, subsequent cooperation with charitable organizations and initiatives, as well as financing projects to help Belarus during this difficult transition period.
We present to your attention the detailed financial report on the Foundation work in November 2020.
Today, on December 8, Maria Moroz, head of the "A Country To Live In" Foundation, and its executive director, Alexey Yerokhovets, visited a shelter in Bialystok (Poland) that had recently opened its doors. 
Belarusians from all over the world have united to help the repressed, including students and teachers who have suffered from the criminal regime
Together, only together can we win and achieve the rule of law! It hurts. The Country for Life Foundation grieves
Svetlana Tikhanovskaya extends her invitation to participate in the World Belarus Congress 2020 to all our compatriots those who are
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