Year since the death of Alexander Taraikovsky
Year since the death of Alexander Taraikovsky
On August 10, 2020 in Minsk, at the intersection of Pritytsky Street and Pushkin Avenue, Alexander Taraikovsky was killed. He became the first, but, unfortunately, not the last victim of the protests that broke out in the country.
"Festival of the Awoken". How it was
"Festival of the Awoken". How it was
On August 6-7, in the Borik glade, not far from the village of Gorodok, Bialystok powiat, the "Festival of the Awoken" took place.
Sergey Tikhanovsky's appeal: "Go to victory!"
Sergey Tikhanovsky's appeal: "Go to victory!"
On the anniversary of the 2020 elections, "Nasha Niva" published a letter from Sergey Tikhanovsky from prison. The blogger, who has become one of the catalysts for the awakening of Belarusians, urges them not to fold their hands and move towards victory.
Today, December 18, the world celebrates the International Day of Migrants. On this day, exactly 30 years ago, the UN General Assembly adopted the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrants and Members of Their Families.
Our foundation is launching a project of legal assistance to volunteers and activists, so that each of them knows and understands that there is a team of professionals behind him.
"A Country to Live in" Foundation is recognized as an official partner of the iHelpBelarus initiative, created by the Belarusian diaspora with the aim of verifying the activities, subsequent cooperation with charitable organizations and initiatives, as well as financing projects to help Belarus during this difficult transition period.
We present to your attention the detailed financial report on the Foundation work in November 2020.
Today, on December 8, Maria Moroz, head of the "A Country To Live In" Foundation, and its executive director, Alexey Yerokhovets, visited a shelter in Bialystok (Poland) that had recently opened its doors. 
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